Welcome to my fanfic world

My inspiration, via the awesome havers

Yeah, I was finally badgered into getting a LJ account. Nah, nobody could make me do anything I don't want to do. Actually, since there are no new Goren/Eames (Law & Order: Criminal Intent) episodes, I wanted a way to keep an eye on more fanfic locations, since not everybody posts on FF.net.

This journal will contain only fanfiction, fanfiction-related commentary, and occasional personal information as it pertains to fanfiction, or lack thereof.

I will be posting my existing fanfiction as I feel like it - I have some old SS/HG fics that were kicked off FF.net which I'll post, and then most of my fics are Goren/Eames in the LO:CI fandom. As I write new stuff I'll post it both here and on FF.net.

I welcome friends, but because this is a fanfiction-only journal, I need to restrict my friends to those who share my interests in writing and reading fanfiction. So, if you friend me and I go to your journal and don't find anything related to fanfiction or the fandoms I'm interested in, I'll need more info about you before I friend you.

About my fics: I like to kid myself that they're worth reading, so I hope you enjoy. Many of them are written for adults, with adult themes and content, and those will be appropriately flagged with a warning. A couple of my fics are downright squicky, so please heed the warnings! And some of my fics are too racy for general consumption, so they'll be f-locked. If you're not a friend and want to read them, all but two of my fics are on FF.net under the username "SilentG", and the two that were kicked off FF.net (both SS/HG), are at The Restricted Section, also with the same username.

I welcome feedback, of any stripe.

Enjoy this tiny corner of Canada, my friends!
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